The Color of Memories.

Good feelings is a process that intimately connects the individual to the colors of his home.
It spawns from the combination of art, architecture and psychology, exploring the soul, favoring the being, rather than the having. It springs from an inner well being.

Our approach starts with the person, to then shape the context.
Given that the house represents both a physical as well as a psychological space, a place to generate and regenerate oneself, we believe that living in an authentic environment can improve one’s perception of oneself, of the world and of life.
To make a space welcoming we offer a unique service: we use hints of a person’s own personal experience, colors with which they will connect to naturally and make them feel good; since colors that are suffused with memories are much more precious.

A personal color palette, which is key in achieving the end result, comes to light through a session of “dynamic hypnosis” (a light state of induced relaxation) with the client.
The colors that are chosen are those associated with positive events and will be displayed in a 360˚ fashion through paintings, fabrics, accessories and furniture.
As a result, the new space creates a natural and harmonious environment that feels like it has always belonged to its owner.

The house, just like the body to the soul, is the temple of life and can now become an extension of one’s essence.